the satanic church

The creation of the Church of Satan in 1966 sparked rumors of Satanism seeping into the common household. But those rumors didn’t contain much truth. So what does the Church of Satan actually believe, and where do they come from?


the current satanic temple

Learn more about the modern day Satanic Temple by clicking the link above.

Even better is the button below. There you’ll find the GREY FACTION, a chapter of the Satanic Temple dedicated to debunking mass panics and moral hysterias.


Arkansas City Hall

Who knew that Arkansas was so into Baphomet? What a bunch of edge lords!


Who wore the Skin Suit better?

We’re not saying they’re lizard people, but we are heavily implying it.


The Black Church

Anton LaVey’s Mommy and Daddy’s house, where he lived and wrote the Satanic Bible. Very metal.


Mall ninja af

Actual image of Howie LaVey, circa 1956.