satan and your brain

So a bunch of people went to jail, now what? Where does the psychiatric world stand on False Memories? And what happened to all those danged Satanic Cults?

The information on [the False Memory Syndrome Foundation site] focuses on the current controversy about the accuracy of adult claims of “repressed” memories of childhood sexual abuse that are often made decades after the alleged events, for which there is no external corroboration. The controversy is not about whether children are abused. Child abuse is a serious social problem that requires our attention.
— FMSF Website

Patricia Burgus

Was awarded 10.6 million from her Chicago based therapist, Bennett Braun, who has since been disbarred in the state of Illinois. Lucky for us he just moved to Montana and reopened his practice… We’re not saying don’t trust your therapist. We’re saying don’t trust your therapist blindly.


All Roads Lead to Kevin Bacon

Okay, more like twenty generations lead to 1,048,576 people in that generation alone. Your total number of ancestors, between twenty generations and now, is more like 2,097,150. Because that’s how numbers work.


The finding that imagining an event which never happened can increase confidence that it actually occurred. This effect is relevant to the study of memory and cognition, particularly false memory

Imagination Inflation