full on panic

The Satanic Panic reaches its peak in the eighties with the McMartin preschool trials, wherein a family run preschool is accused of ritualistically abusing the children they are charged with protecting. The bogus trial cost LA a small fortune and dragged on for years, but to what avail?


Kee MacFarlane and her Debunked Dolls

Her "No-maybe-sometimes-yes syndrome" is a process whereby a child may at first deny that anything happened, then admit it might have happened, later that it sometimes happened but not to him, and finally that, yes, he was one of the victims. Maybe pressuring small children into admission is helpful, but (thankfully) the judge and jury didn’t seem to think so.


Preschool Interviews: Misleading or Nah?

Note the “Introducing Information” column. Seems fishy.


The Defendants

Technically winners, but their lives were ruined in the process. Doubt they feel much like winners.


Something’s, not right here…