False Memory Syndrome and Satan

We tend to think of our own minds as steel traps, putting faith in the fact that we know what we know. But with the rise of the False Memory Syndrome, one can’t help but wonder just how malleable our memory is.

“It is a real experience. If you talk to Michelle today, she will say, ‘That’s what I remember’... For her it was very real. Every case I hear I have skepticism. You have to complete a long course of therapy before you can come to conclusions. We are all eager to prove or disprove what happened, but in the end it doesn’t matter.”
— Lawrence Pazder, Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Teen angst novel or psychiatric evaluation?

You tell us.


Have You Seen Inception?

It’s like that but way more sad and bound to ruin your life. And Marion Cotillard isn’t there. :(



Everyone’s favorite scapegoat.