believe the children

Mounting fear in American culture led for a push in believing the children, and victims, of sexual abuse. And as well intentioned, and absolutely needed, as that push was, it also had some unfortunate side effects. From aggressively misguided interview techniques (used on small kids), to a new set of laws that awarded money based on the amount of reported abuse cases, American Social Workers became a key factor in the quickly growing Satanic Panic.


A Begrudging Hero

C. Henry Kempe didn’t want his research to point to child abuse, but he couldn’t ignore the facts in front of him. As the first whistleblower for child abuse, his discoveries forever changed the American medical and justice systems.


Free at Last

After spending TWO DECADES in prison, Fran and Dan Keller were formally exonerated in June of 2017.


The trailer for the movie HYSTERIA is a little light hearted. I’m sure it’s a cute movie. But let’s not forget that that the ill-treatment and abuse of women was oft blamed on “hysteria.”

It’s like turning Titicut Follies into a Rom-Com.