religious backlash

The emergence of the Satanic Church really freaked a lot of folks out. Thankfully, the religious media was there to profit from the scandal, and further the growing terror in small town America.


Gatekeeping /gāt, kĒping/

When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who has access to (and can derive enjoyment from) any particular hobby or activity. Found to be especially rampant among amateur film-makers and Harry Potter fandom.


Documentary footage about the DANGERS of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Very scary imagery, watch at your own risk. NSFW and NSFL


If you hated a Separate Peace,

then you’re definitely going to hate this too. It’s just as garbage, but somehow more preachy! Thanks Rona Jaffe!


Tasteless, isn’t it?

Just a normal guy taking a sabbatical. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons

Or B.A.D.D. for short. We’re bothered by their body odor, sure! But not their gameplay.


For a Small Fee of $19.99

Bob Larson will drive your demons away. Over the phone. Sounds Legit.


We’re ANTI a lot of things

But none of those things are Rihanna.