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a climate of fear

The Satanic Panic was a phenomenon in which millions of Americans believed that a Satanic cult bubbled just below the surface of society. In the first episode, we explore the roots of the panic, and the sociocultural events that were building into a wave of fear.

Many people believe memory works like a recording device. Memory works a bit more like a Wikipedia page: You can go in and edit it, but so can other people.
— Elizabeth Loftus
The email in response to us requesting documents in regards to the Ingram case. Okay so maybe it’s standard protocol. But  destroyed?  Seems a little extra.

The email in response to us requesting documents in regards to the Ingram case. Okay so maybe it’s standard protocol. But destroyed? Seems a little extra.


Who started the 24hr news cycle?

This profiting motherfucker right here. Ted Turner. He knew what he was doing.


the satanic church

The creation of the Church of Satan in 1966 sparked rumors of Satanism seeping into the common household. But those rumors didn’t contain much truth. So what does the Church of Satan actually believe, and where do they come from?


the current satanic temple

Learn more about the modern day Satanic Temple by clicking the link above.

Even better is the button below. There you’ll find the GREY FACTION, a chapter of the Satanic Temple dedicated to debunking mass panics and moral hysterias.


Arkansas City Hall

Who knew that Arkansas was so into Baphomet? What a bunch of edge lords!


Who wore the Skin Suit better?

We’re not saying they’re lizard people, but we are heavily implying it.


The Black Church

Anton LaVey’s Mommy and Daddy’s house, where he lived and wrote the Satanic Bible. Very metal.


Mall ninja af

Actual image of Howie LaVey, circa 1956.


religious backlash

The emergence of the Satanic Church really freaked a lot of folks out. Thankfully, the religious media was there to profit from the scandal, and further the growing terror in small town America.


Gatekeeping /gāt, kĒping/

When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who has access to (and can derive enjoyment from) any particular hobby or activity. Found to be especially rampant among amateur film-makers and Harry Potter fandom.


Documentary footage about the DANGERS of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Very scary imagery, watch at your own risk. NSFW and NSFL


If you hated a Separate Peace,

then you’re definitely going to hate this too. It’s just as garbage, but somehow more preachy! Thanks Rona Jaffe!


Tasteless, isn’t it?

Just a normal guy taking a sabbatical. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons

Or B.A.D.D. for short. We’re bothered by their body odor, sure! But not their gameplay.


For a Small Fee of $19.99

Bob Larson will drive your demons away. Over the phone. Sounds Legit.


We’re ANTI a lot of things

But none of those things are Rihanna.



satan and the law

Facing catch-fire rumors of Satanic cults, law enforcement officials across America tried their hardest to adapt to the situation at hand. Unfortunately their methods and ideology were a little too gung-ho, and their earnest attempts to quell the fire only added fuel.


Chicago police informational packet

Check out that Resource Group page. BADD? And Mike Wernke?! We don't talk about him until Episode 9 but DAMN. 

Who needs a warrant,

when you can be a confidant?


Tommy’s Devil Pact

Hannah is drawing massive conclusions from this pact, most of them heavily skeptical, but she’ll leave you to draw your own.


Tommy’s Drawing

Basically a Picasso. How could Satan resist?


believe the children

Mounting fear in American culture led for a push in believing the children, and victims, of sexual abuse. And as well intentioned, and absolutely needed, as that push was, it also had some unfortunate side effects. From aggressively misguided interview techniques (used on small kids), to a new set of laws that awarded money based on the amount of reported abuse cases, American Social Workers became a key factor in the quickly growing Satanic Panic.


A Begrudging Hero

C. Henry Kempe didn’t want his research to point to child abuse, but he couldn’t ignore the facts in front of him. As the first whistleblower for child abuse, his discoveries forever changed the American medical and justice systems.


Free at Last

After spending TWO DECADES in prison, Fran and Dan Keller were formally exonerated in June of 2017.


The trailer for the movie HYSTERIA is a little light hearted. I’m sure it’s a cute movie. But let’s not forget that that the ill-treatment and abuse of women was oft blamed on “hysteria.”

It’s like turning Titicut Follies into a Rom-Com.


the origins of multiple personality disorder

Many people know about Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) from movies and shows like Split and Sybil, but how factual are those movies?


The Original Split

Look at those different facial expressions. What more evidence do you need that MPD is real?


How could you not be obsessed?

Unfortunately for Flora Rheta Schreiber, Sybil was a little blown out of proportion. By a little, we obviously mean a LOT.


Pam’s Dad

Okay he’s actually the current High Priest of Satan, Magus Peter H. Gilmore. All I’m saying is you can’t prove he isn’t Pam’s dad.


Psychiatry and Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is not as clear cut as popular media would have you believe. In this episode we explore the complicated relationship between MPD and Freudian psychoanalysis, and where the psychiatry world stands on MPD today.


con·fir·ma·tion bi·as

The tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.


Jude Mirra

Was murdered by his mother. She justified his murder with pseudo-scientific Facilitated Communication. The message “he” typed to his mother said “I need a lot of drugs to die peacefully…I wish u do it soon.” He was 8 years old, and autistic.


Freud, the Dirty Bird

Ah yes, he seems like a patient man who took the time to test his theories and who received criticism well. /s



False Memory Syndrome and Satan

We tend to think of our own minds as steel traps, putting faith in the fact that we know what we know. But with the rise of the False Memory Syndrome, one can’t help but wonder just how malleable our memory is.

“It is a real experience. If you talk to Michelle today, she will say, ‘That’s what I remember’... For her it was very real. Every case I hear I have skepticism. You have to complete a long course of therapy before you can come to conclusions. We are all eager to prove or disprove what happened, but in the end it doesn’t matter.”
— Lawrence Pazder, Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Teen angst novel or psychiatric evaluation?

You tell us.


Have You Seen Inception?

It’s like that but way more sad and bound to ruin your life. And Marion Cotillard isn’t there. :(



Everyone’s favorite scapegoat.


solidifying satan

After the Church of Satan formed in 1966, rural America exploded with rumors of sacrifices and aborted fetus, goat children and blood rites. But it wasn’t until Papa Warnke, an ex-High Priest of Satanism, stepped up and confirmed that yes, Satan is living among us, that the Satanic Panic began to solidify.


Giving Satan a Platform

War Vet, ex-High Priest, Comedian, Pastor, and profiting from your fear. Keep that tithing tray circulating ladies and gentlemen!


Spot the Freethinker

Okay so there’s few on here. But the one that rustled people’s jimmies is the Uncle Fester looking dude on the top left. Aleister Crowley.


Oh! So wholesome. Wait, what the fuck?


full on panic

The Satanic Panic reaches its peak in the eighties with the McMartin preschool trials, wherein a family run preschool is accused of ritualistically abusing the children they are charged with protecting. The bogus trial cost LA a small fortune and dragged on for years, but to what avail?


Kee MacFarlane and her Debunked Dolls

Her "No-maybe-sometimes-yes syndrome" is a process whereby a child may at first deny that anything happened, then admit it might have happened, later that it sometimes happened but not to him, and finally that, yes, he was one of the victims. Maybe pressuring small children into admission is helpful, but (thankfully) the judge and jury didn’t seem to think so.


Preschool Interviews: Misleading or Nah?

Note the “Introducing Information” column. Seems fishy.


The Defendants

Technically winners, but their lives were ruined in the process. Doubt they feel much like winners.


Something’s, not right here…


satan and your brain

So a bunch of people went to jail, now what? Where does the psychiatric world stand on False Memories? And what happened to all those danged Satanic Cults?

The information on [the False Memory Syndrome Foundation site] focuses on the current controversy about the accuracy of adult claims of “repressed” memories of childhood sexual abuse that are often made decades after the alleged events, for which there is no external corroboration. The controversy is not about whether children are abused. Child abuse is a serious social problem that requires our attention.
— FMSF Website

Patricia Burgus

Was awarded 10.6 million from her Chicago based therapist, Bennett Braun, who has since been disbarred in the state of Illinois. Lucky for us he just moved to Montana and reopened his practice… We’re not saying don’t trust your therapist. We’re saying don’t trust your therapist blindly.


All Roads Lead to Kevin Bacon

Okay, more like twenty generations lead to 1,048,576 people in that generation alone. Your total number of ancestors, between twenty generations and now, is more like 2,097,150. Because that’s how numbers work.


The finding that imagining an event which never happened can increase confidence that it actually occurred. This effect is relevant to the study of memory and cognition, particularly false memory

Imagination Inflation